Latin America

Salmet is, since 1962, a professional German manufacturer for poultry equipment systems for the full range of poultry, being this rearing of pullets, layers, broilers, breeders and poultry manure management/processing. Salmet systems are installed all over the world. We serve our customers out of our central head-office and 2 factories in Germany and regional sales and service centers in Latin America (Panama) and in Asia (Manila).

Panama is the central office for the Americas and includes the sales, the sales-support, the aftersales, the administrative and the technical-supervising teams.
Since our colleague who is actually fulfilling the position described below is going to retire in the coming year Salmet is looking forward to meeting candidates for the position as:

Regional sales director Latin America (RSD)

The RSD manages the sales team of the Regional Business Managers (RBM) and is heavily and personally involved in securing deals in the area. He is also the link between the sales team and the local organization in Panama and/or the central organization in Germany for all market and customer related matters. The RSD also keeps a strong connection concerning market developments and has inputs for product and portfolio development. The RSD reports to the sales director.

For this position we are looking for candidates who have experience in a similar position and/or as key account manager and/or as business development manager including the experience to manage sales teams.

The RSD must be fluent in Spanish and English. He/she is ideally based in the area, but being based in Europe or USA can also be considered. It is important to have experience in working for a North-West European company, understanding the cultures of the market, the local team and the European parent company’s culture. Frequent travelling is an integral part of this position.

The ideal candidate has a proven record of successfully managing sales of capital goods and has a strong network in the area. He has a minimum experience of 10 years in an industrial company and he understands all business principles in such an environment from the perspective of the client (investors, management, farm management, technical management) and from our perspective as manufacturer (business principles, financing of projects, risk management, export, legal aspects, managing sales teams).

The candidate manages his sales team (RBM’s) by delegating, monitoring and supporting these RBM’s based on their responsibilities and encouraging them to be successful in developing their markets and success. Last but not least: the candidate has a natural character in never giving up and organizes business in such a way that always there is a way upwards for the company, himself and his team.

About Salmet’s infrastructure in Latin America

Salmet is proud to have developed a strong team in the region to support the customers and Salmet’s growth. Salmet operates out of its regional office in the WTC in Panama City and consists of a General Manager who manages the daily activities of the office, comprised of administration, back-office sales-support colleagues and technical engineers in the service department.

In addition, the organization comprises a sales team of 6 Regional Business Managers, supported by technical specialists to co-design technical solutions for the clients and poultry husbandry specialists for on-farm advising and training. Further there is a large team of technical supervisors who are responsible for supervising the installations of Salmet’s complete systems (mechanical, electric, climate, energy) anywhere the Americas. This entire organization is already fully operational, which means that the RSD has his hands free to fully focus on the market and establishing business in the widest sense of the word.

If you are interested in knowing more about this position or if you want to apply, please feel free to contact us by email:

Mr. Mari van Gruijthuijsen –