• 28Sep

Expansion factory

Following to SALMET’s strong growth in the international markets and despite the actual Covid-19 situation, Salmet's management took the decision to further invest in the companies factories.

  • 14Jun

Improved water drainage system

To make flushing of several tiers at the same time easier SALMET has improved the water drainage system for cages.

  • 07May

All-in-One project The Netherlands

Last week (30-04-2020) SALMET started with the installation of an All-In-One aviary project in Leveroy, The Netherlands. In this 20 mtr wide house, 4 rows of the SALMET All-in-One aviary system, are installed.

  • 27Apr

Changed Egg basket

Salmet changed the basket of its Elevator system. The new basket is made completely from high quality plastic to provide a hygienic surface.

  • 27Mar

Statement on Corona

Dear customers, In the past week we have seen that the majority of poultry exhibitions has been cancelled or postponed. Also a lot of restrictions are announced for international traveling. We fully understand this of course in the interest of protecting everybody’s health. I am writing this item because there is an alternative for all …

  • 20Mar

Introduction new Premium Broiler Slat

The R&D team of SALMET worked hard at an upgraded version of the existing broiler slat. The new premium floor, which provides a rigid and strong structure, whilst providing a soft and gentle surface for the broilers to provide them a clean and comfortable living area. This has resulted in a floor, which gains strength through four metal pipes per floor that are completely encapsulated in the surrounding plastic floor.

  • 11Mar

SALMET opens new office in the Philippines

We are pleased to announce that SALMET has expanded to Asia, opening an office in the Philippines. The opening of the Philippine office will primarily better service Salmet clients and further improve operational excellence in ongoing and future projects in Asia. A core group of project managers is already actively working on projects.